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About Us

We are a Certified Women-Owned Business and our vision is to provide quality, cost-efficient services to businesses in manufacturing. We have recruited specialized talent to set up and maintain our sorting sight. Our specialists work 24/7 at Alormar Industries to demonstrate our competitive advantage. We accomplish this by attracting, training and retaining dedicated employees. 
We are grateful to be valued and recognized by our clients for our responsiveness; we strive to be the leaders in the industry.


Our Facts
• Women-Owned
• Established in 2014    
• Working 24/7
Our Service
•    Rapid, Reliable, Cost Effective Sorting
•    High Precision Inspection and Defect Reporting
•    Rework Operations
•    Packaging and Distribution
•    Warehousing
•    Assembly
•    Kitting
•    Sorting


Our Clients

  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Material Handling

  • Medical

  • Precision Machining

Mary Culbertson
Lori Zielinski

Our Specialty 
When you are in manufacturing distress, we are your 9-11 call!
• When you are on tight deadline
• When you have an unexpected error
• When your company inadvertently mixed parts
• We are available 24/7 to solve your problems 
•  We offer timely and accurate results
•  Defect detection capabilities ​

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